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 Sport funding action plan 2015 -16


School Sport Premium Funding Allocation



Sport Funding Action Plan 2014-15


School Sport Premium Funding Allocation: £9485.00

Ladypool Priority areas:

          - Improving teaching quality of PE lessons

          - Improving competitive sport in and outside of school

          - Accessing and developing healthy lifestyles of our children


Actions and Strategies


Resources/ cost (£)


Impact and sustainable outcomes

Youth Sport Membership

● Support and guidance for PE co-ordinator

● Access to membership website for co-ordinator and staff

● Long and short term curriculum development

● Access to self-review tool identify areas for development




● New long and short term lesson plans for PE lessons

● Increased subject knowledge and therefore confidence of teachers teaching PE

● Self-review tool used termly to assess development and progress

AfPE Quality Mark Award

● Self-review tool to assess planning, monitoring and continuous development of high quality education and sport

● Raises profile of sport and promotes a positive message of physical education

● Provides a platform for sharing excellence and success




● Self-review tool completed and School PR action plan reflects the results

● Quality mark achieved and recognised in school and the local community for us to celebrate PE

Be Healthy School Award

● Meet with Lucy Steventon to assess the coverage of Physical activity across the school and write an action plan for development

● Healthy lifestyle choices are celebrated and shared.

● Positive attitudes towards healthy active lifestyles are encouraged among pupils are then extended to parents and carers





● Action Plan written and carried out

● Be Healthy assemblies and awards

● Increased awareness of health lifestyles of children

● Increased participation

● Parental feedback

Project Hero (Breakfast/lunch time and after school clubs)

● Good quality clubs are happening at three different times of the day. Improve fitness of children and develop their understanding and desire to maintain their fitness as they grow up

● Interschool competition – in co-ordination with other members of staff from local schools

BR x5

Lun x5

Af S x5


11.25 hours??



● Increased participation in different parts of the day

● Pupil feedback forms

● Competitions happening in and out of school


Cover release for PE co-ordinator

● Plan and develop a new curriculum based on LCP programme that is broad, engaging and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and the children at Ladypool

● Quality assuring staff teaching PE, through observations/;earning walks

● Review meetings with staff teaching PE

● Half termly PE achievement assemblies – awards for performance, skill, leadership and effort

● Intraschool competition – house system

1 PM half termly



600 approx.


● New planning distributed and used to teach regular, good quality lessons

● Lesson observations

● Regular assemblies happening and children being awarded

● House system established and involve all children