Ladypool Primary School

School Council


What is the School Council?

The school council works to make improvements to the school and the way we do things at Ladypool. It is one of the ways that pupils can make their voices heard!

We look around for things that could be improved and discuss what to do. As representatives, we get the chance to speak at School Council Meetings and then vote on the best ideas. We then start working on improving things. We may have to talk through our ideas with Mrs. Aslam, the Governors or teachers and Mrs. Harries will be helping us with this. 

Who are the School Councillors?

This year, you will have voted for a new representative from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. A good representative will speak at the council meetings about things that interest their class. They will then tell their class about what was discussed at the meetings and any following actions.

 What School Council representatives have to do…

Here are some of the things your representative will be expected to do:-

  • Speak on behalf of the rest of the class.
  • Make important decisions and vote.
  • Attend regular meetings and sometimes give up their own time at lunchtime to do project work.
  • Take everyone’s comments seriously.
  • Report back to their class about the decisions the council makes.
  • Be involved in school assemblies.
  • Be a good role model for the rest of the class.

Our School Councillors