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Tate Education 

Which Artist should design your bedroom? Which Superhero artist are you like?  What is hidden behind the emoji in the famous paintings?  
There are lots of quizzes and fun facts on the Tate Kids page.
Try a few, have fun and learn more about art and artists  at the same time.

Making Caterpillars and Butterflies out of paper - Art Class

 This video is a step by step guide to creating a 3D minibeast. See if you can make one of your own and ask a grown up to help you with the fiddly bits if you need.  Send a photo of your finished creatures to Miss Twaite and it might be included in our Lockdown Art Gallery at the end of the month.  
Enjoy !

Draw with Rob

This is a great website with lots of videos which teach you how to draw.  There are also live drawing  sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am which you can follow along with your family. 

Design and make an animal house.  

This is an Art and Design project which uses materials that you have in your own home.  It is suitable for both KS1 & KS2 so if you wanted to you could work with another member of your family to make it.  Architects design buildings looking at the environment and the materials available. Follow the instructions on the link.
 Photograph your design and the final house in it's environment and send them to Miss Twaite. She will create a gallery of the images on the website so you can compare your design with other peoples.
Miss Twaite's email: