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Singing is very good for us and in these times where we are not able to sing together Out of the Ark and Sing Maker have made their resources free so that you can join in.
 Which songs do you like most?
Are there any songs you would like to have in our singing assemblies next year?
 Have you found any songs other than the ones I've suggested  which you really like?  
You can also sing along to 'A Milliion Dreams' .
Sing Maker have a 'Song of the Week' which they release every Monday. This week it is 'We are Family' . The song includes BSL signing so you can learn how to sign the song too.  Many of the signs like (family, different and together) you will recognise.
Out of the Ark -
Pick from the following songs depending on how you are feeling.
Well being
I'm Ok   -   Week 1 Wednesday 
A Little Bit of Kindness   -  Week 2 Tuesday
Water, Food, Rest and Exercise - Week 3 Wednesday
Just Sing - Week 4 Friday 
Wake up! (Wake up Shake up song)    = week 5 Monday  - A favourite!!
The Planet Song - Week 2 Thursday
The Seed Song  - Week 3 Thursday  (particularly good for EYFS & KS1)
It's a Spring Thing - Week 4 Saturday 
Music Italiano - Week 4 Bonus ( particularly good for KS2 to learn all the music notation meanings)
Writing! - Week 5 Thursday 

Music Resources

As a Music Mark School we have access to the music service new online system which will help us as a school continue to develop musically.  You can sing along to the song videos (look at vocal) - they have songs from early years up to year 6 see below for details  Also if you are interested in any instrument (or have one at home, even if you don't have lessons) you can click on the link and have a go. 

The details to access the site are:
username: ladypoolp
password: bxjun9FZ
Year 4 children can practice their violin and cellos along with the teachers who have made tutorials for them.
When they enter the site they need to click on UPPER STRINGS   and then they can choose any of the videos. 
Year 5 electives can use the videos to play between their 1:1 lessons.
All children can use the site to sing along to songs
Click on VOCAL and then scroll down the  list of videos to find a song to learn or sing along to. The Penguin song is suitable for all children.
The first songs are aimed at younger children but the older siblings join in.  There are vocal warm ups and a few other songs.  New songs will be added over the next few weeks.
Ideas for Nursery/ Reception:
 Joey is a frog
Can you dance with your teddy?
Ideas for KS1:
Hello to you (warm up song)
A seed so small
 Ideas for Key Stage 2 & choir :
Warm the Brain 
 Our World is Many People
Anyone who is interested in learning vocal technique there are some exercises on the secondary pages. 


Listen to and watch one piece of music each week. After you have listened to it think about how you might move if you were in the school  hall or another space at home where you can stretch out. Move in time to the music - is it quick or slow? Is it music which makes you want to march, jump or tiptoe or do you want to move in a different way?
Which piece did you like best? Tell someone in your house why you liked it. 


Please go onto the BBC website and choose a different piece of music to listen to each week.  Follow the links to find out more about the composer, the time they lived and listen to the other piece of music that is suggested as a contrast
Think of how the music makes you feel.
 Have you heard the music before?  You might have listened to it  at school, on it might have been used in a film or for an advert. 
 Which of the pieces do you like best? Think about why you like a particular piece or why you don't enjoy a piece. 
 Think of a special occasion and imagine that you have been asked to compose a piece of music for it; which instruments would you choose to use and why? 
Let Miss Twaite know your top 3 choices with the reason you have chosen them by 1st of June and she will put together a LadypoolLockdown top 10.
Please email her at :