Ladypool Primary School

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In a rapidly evolving digital world, it is essential that children are provided with the tools to take advantage of technology whilst having the knowledge to keep themselves safe. Digital literacy is fundamental to all aspects of life from studying and employment to leisure. 

At Ladypool Primary School, we provide our children with a thorough Computing curriculum, interlinked with E-safety information. We believe this empowers them with vital skills needed to progress in the 21st Century.


As a school we are committed to:

  • Giving our children access to a range of technologies
  • Teaching children the latest computing curriculum not just ICT skills
  • Enabling our children to see how ICT is used throughout their daily lives
  • Educating our children about the advantages of ICT but also the very real possible dangers associated with Social Networking and computer related crimes (E-safety)
  • Making our children responsible users of ICT
  • Updating skills levels amongst our staff in using technologies
  • Ensuring each child receives a one hour lesson of computing each week
  • Involving all stakeholders in our vision including staff, governors, pupils and parents and the wider community.

Some examples of software pupils use:

  • Scratch and Scratch Jr.
  • Kodu
  • Logo
  • Moviemaker
  • Tux Paint
  • Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Publisher
  • PurpleMash



Well done to Abdullah from 3L for this brilliant PowerPoint presentation in which he used text, images, video and transitions. Great digital literacy.