Progression Map


Vision :


Ladypool Primary School’s intent for Art and Design is driven by the school’s vision and core objectives as well as the National Curriculum Expectations.  Our vision in summary is to provide a diverse wealth of Art and Design knowledge, understanding and practical  experiences to engage and enrich our children during their school journey and that this will develop their passion for  Art and Design both as a subject and as a means of personal expression. 

As the children progress through the school they will become more responsible for creating Art influenced by the great artists and designers as well as Art developed in their own emerging styles. They will also develop a  critical response to the Art they research/see and will be able to voice both their thoughts and feelings about it. 


How will this happen?

  • All children will have the opportunity to experiment with different tools and materials and to reflect on their learning in Sketch Books which they will take with them as they move through the school. 
  • Each year children will look at at least one Artist/Movement/Art Form in depth and build their own skills in the same style. 
  • Children will explore both theoretically and practically, a wide range of art forms (including photography, printmaking, sculpture, quilting and stain glass window) and learn about how these are connected culturally to the wider world and the history of both the local area and the United Kingdom.
  • Opportunities to take part in design competitions and activities initiated from outside the school will be encouraged and facilitated by the school. (e.g The Royal Mail Stamp Competition, the BBC Good Food Cake Design and The WOrld Reimagined Globe project.)


  • Professional Artists and others from related fields will be invited to work with children and talk about their careers and its links to Art and Design. (e.g Architects, Artists in Residences, Robotics and Optics Designers and Engineers)
  • Children will visit local Art Galleries and explore the local area’s public art.
  • Children with a particular interest in or aptitude for different art forms will be encouraged to join the  after school art club and to see how their  creativity and skills can be used in a range of ways not only in school but in their future lives.
  • Work will be displayed around the school and year groups will invite others to ‘visit’ their gallery which they will curate (e.g Yr 1 Andy Golsworthy inspired gallery  & Yr 6 Surrealists Inspired Installations).