Ladypool Primary School’s intent for music is driven by the school’s vision and core objectives as well as the National Curriculum Expectations.  Our vision in summary is to provide a diverse wealth of music experiences to engage and enrich our children during their school journey and that this will develop their passion for music both as a subject and as a way of life. 

As the children progress through the school they will become more responsible for making music of their own and will start to have a critical response to the music they hear and/or see and will be able to voice both their thoughts and feelings about it. 


How will this happen?

  • All children will have the opportunity to play a range of different instruments and to develop skills in at least two in their time at the school. 
  • Any child with a particular passion and/or aptitude for music will in Years 5 & 6 be offered  weekly instrumental  tuition, funded by the school from a music specialist.
  • Children will hear a wide range of music from different historical periods, genres and cultures, both with and without lyrics and will reflect on it, supported by their class teacher.
  • The school which has been given Music Mark status, will be a ‘musical school’ where music is intertwined with the wider curriculum and is used in topic and other lessons.
  • Children will have the opportunity to see live music by professionals at least once in each Key Stage.
  • They will learn a range of songs during their time at Ladypool , songs for different purposes and in different contexts (e.g National Anthem, Christmas Songs, Songs connected to our PSHE and Creative Curriculum and songs learned in Phases and as a whole school e.g Sign2Sing). 
  • Children will be given the opportunity to perform to an audience at least once a year and there will be further opportunities for children to join the choir and or perform with other schools (e.g Singing Playgrounds Project)
  • Children will develop their knowledge of how music is created and learn how to create their own music using both physical instruments and electronic devices. 
  • As they progress through the school, children will build up their music vocabulary, with a specific focus in Year 4 where they will be given weekly whole class instrumental lessons by the music service specialist. 


Curriculum Overview