Our vision for computing at Ladypool centres around three values: access to technology for all our pupils, equipping them with knowledge of how to stay safe online and teaching them the technical skills they need to navigate an ever-expanding digital era which permeates every aspect of the modern world. As such, we do not teach computing as a discrete subject mostly but as a support tool to other subject areas. 

Teaching and Learning

The computing curriculum is divided into three aspects: computer science, information technology and digital literacy. 

In computer science, pupils are taught about how computer systems work, what algorithms are and how data is processed into useful information. This theoretical learning is then put into practise in coding lessons. Pupils, then use this knowledge in information technology lessons to create and test (de-bug) programs. 

Digital literacy enables our pupils to get ready for future learning and their future workplace. They learn how to communicate, collaborate and share their ideas. This is where they learn to use Word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software.